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How to Organise and Declutter your Jewellery

I was so pleased to be contacted by Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery to write a guest post. He shares his tips on how to organise and declutter your jewellery and storing and maintaining it too!

Jewellery makes a great gift and the pieces last a long time, so often our collections can build up before we know it. If you have more jewellery than you know what to do with, it can become difficult to store and can lead to clutter and mess. Not only can this be bad for your wellbeing and cause you to feel stressed, but it can also damage your jewellery.

Below, I’ll share my tips for caring for your collection properly, which includes decluttering, storing, and cleaning your jewellery.

Declutter your collection

Decluttering your jewellery may seem like a mammoth task, but it’s much easier if you approach it one piece of jewellery at a time. Go through each item in your collection and consider whether you enjoy wearing it or not. If you don’t often wear it, ask yourself why. Is it uncomfortable? Do you prefer a different style? Does it look old and worn? Then, place it in a different pile according to what you want to do with it.

I would recommend having four piles: one to keep, one to restore, one to sell, and one to recycle.

  • Keep — this should be jewellery you wear often or jewellery with sentimental value.

  • Restore — this is jewellery that you intend to wear or sell once it is fixed or cleaned.

  • Sell — these are pieces that are in good condition, but you never wear.

  • Recycle — this should be for broken or worn jewellery that is past its best.

You can also recycle gold, silver and platinum jewellery by selling it, which means a small income for you as well as the knowledge that you’ve saved it from going to landfill.

Store your pieces properly

Once you’ve streamlined your collection, you should think about how you’re going to store it. Look for a compartmentalised jewellery box: storing your jewellery in compartments not only makes them easier to find when you need them, but it also prevents them from getting tangled or scratched. I would advise against keeping your jewellery box open to display your jewellery, as brightness, dampness, and other substances such as perfume can get to them more easily.

If you have any jewellery set with gemstones that aren’t diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, such as emeralds, you need to take extra care with regards to storage conditions. These kinds of stones are structurally weaker and thus more prone to cracking or scratching, so protect them by keeping your jewellery box in a place with a stable temperature and away from anything that could knock it over.

Carefully clean your jewellery

Your jewellery can be kept in great condition and even last longer if you clean it regularly to remove dirt. Allowing grime to build up can cause issues for the shine of your jewellery, as well as potentially weakening the links or fastenings. So, wipe it down with a soft polishing cloth after each wear and do a routine clean of your whole collection once a month or so.

Cleaning your jewellery the wrong way can break it down and could even damage the precious materials it’s made from. You should only use cleaning solutions and tools that have been designed for use on jewellery. If you want to make your own cleaning solution, stay away from potentially corrosive acids like vinegar and abrasive substances like bicarbonate of soda. A mild mixture of washing up liquid and warm water should be enough to remove most dirt.

Similarly, it’s important to use a soft cloth to wipe your jewellery with, or a cotton bud to target problem areas and fiddly detailing. A toothbrush may be good for scrubbing away grime, but it could be too harsh on your precious metals and gemstones.

The tips in this guide can help you to organise and care for your jewellery collection. Bear them in mind and you’ll notice benefits for your jewellery, plus your wellbeing too.

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