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Can Decluttering Change Your Life?

Spoiler alert- Yes it can and I’m going to tell you how!

Everybody knows that going on holiday is the perfect way to reduce your stress levels. It’s a break from your job, the day- to- day, the chores and racking your brain for meal ideas but that’s not all. When you’re on holiday you generally arrive with a single suitcase (particularly if flying on Ryanair), packed full of the items that you need or want for the week or two. This simplifies life hugely and reduces the number of decisions you have to make. The same applies to your home. Believe me- there is no correlation between the number of possessions you have and levels of happiness!

I’m in no way suggesting that you should follow a minimalist lifestyle, stripping back your home to the bare necessities but an excess can quickly create cluttered, disorganised surroundings. It’s incredible how quickly we can accumulate possessions so decluttering is both necessary and beneficial if you want to create and maintain a streamlined, efficient home.

Clutter can act as a reminder of things we have yet to do and can often stop us relaxing in our homes. If you’ve ever tried doing your morning yoga practice in a room surrounded by mess, you’ll know what I mean!

It’s not about creating show- home perfection, nor is this realistic. Trying to maintain unrealistically high standards in your home, particularly if you have children is simply not worth the stress, or the time it takes. However, if your are becoming anxious and overwhelmed at the state of your home, it’s time to do something about it.

This is how a clutter-free, organised home will change your life:

  1. You will spend less time cleaning- and isn’t that something that appeals to us all! The more possessions you have, the more you have to maintain. Surfaces crammed with ornaments are more tricky and time- consuming to clean.

  2. You will save so much time! Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the bill you need to pay or letter for your child’s school trip. Having systems and organisation in place means being able to find what you’re looking for easily. That’s far fewer arguments in the morning and a whole lot less stress!

  3. Your home will become a sanctuary, not another source of problems- This is key. There is so much that we cannot control in life but our home is something we can. At the end of a busy of stressful day, your home should be your escape and a place to enjoy with family and friends. When you wake up in the morning and look around at a tidy, organised space, it makes everything that little bit easier and more manageable.

  4. Be proud of your home! If you are someone that wishes friends could just drop in and you end up spending a whole day ‘preparing’ the house for people to come round, decluttering is going to be transformational. Again, it’s not about maintaining perfection but if your house is free of clutter then it’s immediately going to look more presentable.

  5. You will sleep better- Visual clutter, particularly in a bedroom, is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. A relaxing, welcoming environment will help you to relax and drift- off more easily. Decluttering your home is also a weight off your mind and can reduce stress levels hugely.

  6. Your home can inspire you and lead to greater creativity- A home that is full of clutter, disorder and mess is unlikely to inspire. An organised home is less distracting, boosting concentration levels and in turn, help you to feel more productive and creative.

  7. Money saving- Decluttering your home thoroughly makes you aware of items that you no longer need or like. You may become aware of unnecessary duplicates and this changes the way that you shop in the future. Once you have achieved a clutter- free home, you will think twice before buying more. Every item must have a home so bear this in mind before you buy!

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