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Post- Christmas Organise and Declutter

I adore Christmas- the preparation, decorating and cooking, you name it, I love it all! I always feel quite sad when it’s time to take the tree down and pack away the baubles until next year. It’s the perfect time to organise and declutter however! I find it so cathartic to begin the new year without physical and mental clutter and these are a few things I like to do each year, just after Christmas:

Post- Christmas Organise and Declutter

Pack- up and Organise Your Decorations-

It’s the perfect time to make sure that your tree lights have survived another year and baubles remain intact. If you have any particularly fragile baubles, you could consider buying Christmas decoration storage boxes such as these- Failing that, lots of tissue or packing paper inside a sturdy box will do the trick! Winding lights around a piece of cardboard will save tangling next year and you’ll definitely thank yourself for it! If you have lots of decorations, I would recommend labelling your boxes to make the process of unpacking that bit easier next Christmas.

Declutter the Kitchen-

Most of us buy too much food for Christmas. Combine this with food- related gifts and kitchen cupboards can quickly descend into chaos. Make it your mission to use up the leftovers, check for foods that are past their sell-by date and have a good organise.

Clear Your To- Do List

There’s nothing worse than those nagging thoughts about tasks you haven’t yet completed, bills you haven’t yet paid or parcels you haven’t sent back. If you set- aside a bit of time to work through anything outstanding before the new year, you’ll feel so much calmer and reduce your mental load.

Digital Declutter-

This is something else that I find can reduce your mental load significantly. It’s time to declutter your devices! Unsubscribe from those email lists/ newsletters that you’re no longer interested in, delete unwanted apps or clear your computer desktop.

Christmas Cards-

There may be a couple of cards that you wish to keep, those that are particularly sentimental to you but let go of the rest! There’s really no need to hold on to them all.

I hope you find these post- Christmas Organise and Declutter tips useful and if you have any others, do let me know! If you would like more Home Organisation and Decluttering Inspiration, please see my other blogs.

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