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Moving Home

Moving home can be a particularly stressful process for most people and inevitably it always takes more time and effort than you think! The best piece of advice that I can give to you is to start well in advance of your moving date.

Moving Home Service | WeDeclutter


It’s the perfect opportunity to really assess and declutter your possessions and, in doing so, surround yourself only with the items that you really love and value. We can help you to make these all important decisions, saving you money by ensuring that you aren’t packing up unwanted items. 

We can help to pack up items (provided that they aren’t of high value) in a methodical way that makes the unpacking process in your new home straightforward and hassle-free.


Unpacking and setting up your new home is exciting but in the rush to unpack as quickly as possible, it can be easy to clutter up cupboards and leave the organisation for another day. We can help to unpack your belongings and strategically organise as we go, ensuring spaces are being used efficiently and organised to perfection. It's one less thing for you to think about and makes the whole process more streamlined and less disruptive for you and your family.

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