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Downsizing can be a really tough process for many people. Our homes hold such strong family memories, the rooms filled with possessions collected over many years. 

Whilst you might be moving to a smaller home out of choice, it may also be a matter of necessity. This may be due to a change in relationship, bereavement, finances, health or the house simply being too big once children leave home. 

Downsizing | WeDeclutter

Often the prospect of sorting through and decluttering accumulated possessions is incredibly daunting too and can put people off taking the first steps to downsize. My mission is to make the process less daunting, less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable!

I generally suggest that we make the process more approachable by starting with items that are less sentimental and therefore easier to make decisions about, be it clothing, kitchen cupboards or the contents of your utility room!

My promise to you is that our sessions will never be pressurized, nor will I dictate what you should and shouldn’t keep. My purpose is to help you make the best decisions in a totally non-judgemental, friendly way.

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We work predominantly between Bath and London but regularly offer our professional organising and decluttering services throughout the UK and beyond.

NOTE: If you would like us to provide a confidentiality agreement, for you peace of mind, we are very happy to do so.

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