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Cluttered, disorganised wardrobes are common and it’s easy to accumulate clothes that we no longer wear or like. So often, we reach for the same few items and actually forget about the other pieces we own or buy duplicates because we can’t remember what we have. Don’t forget- organise first, shop second!

I can help you to create an ordered, curated wardrobe that not only inspires you but streamlines the process of getting dressed in the morning, saving you both time and stress! I often find that clients rediscover their style and interest in their clothes after our sessions and feel good wearing them.

Wardrobe Decluttering | WeDeclutter

It’s not just about making a wardrobe look beautiful, although if you are wanting to achieve a colour coordinated, template folded, boutique-esque display then it’s something I can create for you!

It’s about using space efficiently, making it functional and ordered, whilst making sure that clothes are protected from damage and stored correctly.

The choice of hangers is more important than you might expect and this is something that I can advise on, in preparation for our session if necessary.

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