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Decluttering Tips To Create The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

The Bedroom

Our bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, a place to escape to at the end of a busy day. Studies have shown that a bedroom that is free of clutter can improve sleep quality. Something that’s of great importance to most people! So why are our bedrooms so often the complete opposite? It’s a room that I’m frequently being asked to help declutter by my clients. I have rounded up some of my top decluttering tips to help you get started.

You want your bedroom to be a calming space that encourages sleep. It’s critical to good health and a little time dedicated to thoroughly clearing out your room can make a real difference.

These are some of my favourite decluttering tips to help you create a relaxing bedroom.

Top Decluttering Tips

  1. Don’t pull everything out at once– it will quickly become overwhelming if you collect every item from all four corners of your bedroom. I recommend starting in one area- a dressing table or wardrobe for example and declutter and organise that before starting on the next. That way, if you run out of time to complete the whole room, you won’t have left the room in a worse state than you found it and will have the satisfaction of having completed one area of it.

  2. Don’t forget the underside of the bed– Out of sight, out of mind, definitely doesn’t apply here. Often the items that we stuff under the bed are simply a reminder of postponed decisions! If possible, don’t store anything under your bed. If it’s necessary, make sure that you first have a really thorough declutter and ensure that it’s stored neatly. I recommend zip-up, under-bed bags to keep everything dust-free.

  3. Create a work-free zone– our jobs are often a source of stress so don’t bring it into a space that’s designed for relaxation. If possible, keep paperwork, wires, screens and other work-related paraphernalia out of there. It will not only make the room look less cluttered but prevent these items from acting as reminders.

  4. Keep only the essentials– it’s important to analyse exactly what is necessary. Which items do you love and are of use to you? Are there items that are no longer useful to you? Be ruthless and have a clear vision in your mind of the room that you would like to create.

  5. Ensure surfaces are clear of clutter– visual clutter is not relaxing to look at. If there are items that you would like to keep out (products that you use before bed for example), then a tray is a great way of displaying it neatly.


Once you have decluttered and organised your bedroom, dedicate some time each day to maintain it. It doesn’t take long of done regularly, even just 5 minutes! Instead of leaving clothes on the floor or emptying the pockets of your trousers onto a surface, take the time to put them away properly.

Book- Chanel

Room scent- The Saltworks (Vetyver Falls). Purchased from India Jane, Bath.

Grey velvet cushions- Ikea

Cream cushions- India Jane

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