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Choosing the right hangers | Ask a Professional Organiser.

Choosing the Right Hanger

When it comes to choosing the right hangers, there are lots of options. You may be wondering where to start or perhaps or thinking “which hangers would a Professional Organiser use”? Maybe you are wondering which you should avoid? If this is you, I’m hoping this blog post will be useful!

I LOVE organising wardrobes and whilst people may not consider it to be the most important space to declutter, it can have a profound effect. I would say that 95% of my clients have too many clothes and they will be the first to admit it. Clothing is cheaper and more accessible than ever and if you are somebody who buys frequently, your wardrobe can quickly become cluttered and disorganised. I would recommend taking a really good look at your wardrobe twice a year and a good declutter! It’s the perfect opportunity to identify gaps in your wardrobe, helping you to make thoughtful purchases moving forward and remind yourself of what you own.

Aside from a good declutter, one of the quickest and simplest ways to make the most of the space available is to buy matching hangers. It may seem to you to be excessive, going out and buy new hangers but trust me, it makes a huge difference. Non-matching hangers are annoying. They look messy and they take up a lot more room! A wardrobe that is ordered will save you money in the long term and matching hangers are worth every penny.

Hanger Collection-

Slimline Hangers

My personal favourites are the velvet-textured, slimline hangers. These save a huge amount of room in your wardrobe and they’re also non-slip. I usually purchase them from TK Maxx or HomeSense but they can be picked up in various different places, Amazon included (what can’t be!). These are suitable for most pieces of clothing, although there are a few items such as blazers that may need a little more support (my next option is perfect for these).

The Suit Hanger

If you need a little more support than the velvet, slimline hangers, these wire alternatives are a good option. They are broader towards the end, providing the extra support required for suits. Whilst more sturdy, they aren’t bulky like the more traditional, wooden suit hangers. These ones can be purchased from the Hanger Store.

The Wooden Hanger

Some of my clients prefer to have all wooden hangers. They are sturdy, will last forever and do look smart when uniform. They are, however, much bulkier than the slimline hangers so it’s worth considering the size of wardrobe before purchasing them. If you are lucky enough to have ample hanging space, they are perfect!

The Trouser Hanger

If you choose to hang your trousers, instead of folding them, you’ll know that taking them off the hanger can be tricky. The trouser hanger is designed with this exact purpose in mind. These hangers are also slimline with non-slip rubber texture. These ones are also from the Hanger Store.

Curved Knitwear Hangers

If you hang your knitwear, it’s better to use curved hangers that won’t leave unwanted distortions to the shoulders. These hangers from the Hanger Store are perfect for the job and the slimline frame means more space in your wardrobe.

Trouser or Skirt Clips

If you want to make your slimline, velvet hangers suitable for hanging trousers or skirts, these little clips are exactly what you need.

Those to Avoid!

If at all possible, it’s best to avoid keeping your clothes on those thin wire hangers often given to you from the dry cleaners. They distort quickly and look messy in a wardrobe. Similarly, avoid the cheap, plastic hangers- I promise you that you won’t be saving money in the long term. They snap quickly and it’s better to invest in slightly better quality ones if possible.

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Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali
Mar 24, 2021

Pics Included...Tips on my bedroom Decor?

I wanted some tips on how my room looks...what do you think of it?? I'm a University student so I can't really hide the shelves with all the books or have a separate office room for my desk, so it's hard to decorate my room just the way I'd like bedding style, curtains, bedspreads any type of bedroom product...but I'm trying to make slight improvements. Also, I just bought the night tables...what do you think of them?? Anything I can do to make my room more cute/homey looking? What about the lamp? Good or no? Any tips would be AWESOME! Thanks.

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